Il Canestrelletto di Torriglia®

                  Prodotto Agroalimentare Tradizionale 

La ricetta originale de
Il Canestrelletto di Torriglia

300g di Farina tipo '0'
1 Uovo
250g Burro
100g Zucchero
q.b. Rum
q.b. Scorza di limone grattugiata

Sul piano di lavoro preparare la farina e metterla in modo da formare una montagnetta. A questo punto ricavare un buco al centro ed aggiungere il rosso d'uovo, il burro e lo zucchero, il rum e la scorza di limone. Lavorare fino ad ottenere impasto compatto. Stendere sul tavolo la frolla ad un altezza di 1 cm. Tagliare con il tradizionale stampo a sei punte. Infornare a 180°C per 20'.

The original recipe of
the Canestrelletto of Torriglia

10,58oz Flour
1 Egg
8,8oz Butter
3,5oz Caster sugar
Rum to taste
 Lemon zest to taste

Put flour on work surface so it forms a heap.
Make a hole in the centre, add butter sugar, egg yolk, rum and lemon zest.
Work to a dough 

Roll out to a height of half an inch.
Cut with the traditional stamp.

Bake at 180°C for 20'.


"The Canestrelletto of Torriglia®, beloved Citizen"


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Ho un ricordo ancora molto vivo dell'albero che faceva mia nonna per noi nipoti. Era un po' moderno per via delle palline di vetro ed in gran parte antico per i nastri e dolcetti appesi. A ricordo forse del vero albero "alla genovese", un grosso ramo di alloro piantato in un vaso di terracotta al quale venivano legati tanti bon bon e nastrini bianchi e rossi: i colori di Genova. Appeso all'albero non poteva mancare un biscotto: il canestrello (..) il mio è quello di Torriglia, piccolo paese dell'entroterra genovese dove il biscotti è nato. Un impasto che si scioglie in bocca, a forma di margherita a sei petali, coperto di zucchero a velo. "L. Maragliano - Sale e Pepe - Mondadori"
Canestrelletti, traditional butter biscuits, are found throughout the province of Genoa, and are particularly good in Torriglia, that alongside Acquasanta and Santo Stefano D'aveto can use the P.A.T. logo. Up to the 19th Century, Liguria was famous throughout Europe for its confectionery and fondants. In the 15th Century, Genoa's confectioners set up the corporation "nebulari" or "negiari", i.e. makers of waffles or wafers. At the close of noble banquets it was custom to serve sweets by placing handfuls in the ladies' cleavages. The reputation of Ligurian confectionery even reached the Este Court, where it's recounted that during a banquet the princes were served "canestrelletti and persiche alla genovese" (genoan style apples and pears).
"Tastes of ITALY" - Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Australia - Melbourne"
The canestrelletto of Torriglia is a small short-pastry cookie typhical of Torriglia, a town in the genoese hinterland. It has the shape of a six pinted star, with a hole in the middle and a dusting of icing sugar, it even has a Festival in its honour, "Festa del Canestrelletto", held every year from 1998 in Torriglia in the Ligurian apeninnines in which all Producers of "Il Canestrelletto di Torriglia"take part.
The typical thin crumby biscuits from Liguria area, particularly from Torriglia. They have small sizes and seem like daisy flower. The original recipe date from XII Century and considered a high quality and prestigious pastry for nobles.
"ITALIA - The official guide of italian tourism - Italian Government Tourist Board"
Canestrelletto is a typical biscuit of Torriglia and it has ancient origins. In the past white flour was considered a product for rich people. The recipe of this flower shaped biscuit has never changed: flour, sugar, butter and eggs. Its shape is also unique, you don't find a similar form out of Genoa.
"LIGURIA - Love at first sight - Terradamare"

In the Genoese hinterlands, a hole with an encircling flower is born. That’s the easiest way to describe the canestrello di Torriglia, a true delight for the palate, made with a tasty, golden shortcrust pastry and completely coated in icing sugar.
"PRODUCTS OF EXCELLENCE - Ligurian Pastry - CNA - Sangiorgio Editrice"
Another sweet treat worth sampling in Liguria is the canestrello in its many locals variations. In Torriglia for example it is called the “canestrelletto”, Documentation shows that the canestrello existed in 1570 as a biscuit made of a soft and crumbly dough, round with a hole in its center. Enriched with butter, the canestrello is the Ligurian version of English butter cookies. Enjoy them as at breakfast, but perhaps they are more appropriate as a tea biscuit/cookie, and even better as a desert eaten along with a sweet wine. The canestrelli from Torriglia, in the Upper Trebbia Valley, thirty or so kilometers from Genoa, have the typical flower form and are not sprinkled with powdered sugar. They taste like home-made cookies and have a perfume “that makes you drunk.
"BLUE - Sagep editrice".
Canestrelli are classic, simple biscuits from shortcrust pastry. Although the various Italian provinces are hiding behind this name quite different desserts, what is usually meant by this name are the "Canestrelletti" from Torriglia, a small town near Genoa (Italy). Crisp and irresistible, like a gentle spring daisies, some of which have taken shape.
Liguria is known for a wide range of tasty biscuits and cakes. Torriglia is the land of Canestrelletti, a masterpiece of Ligurian pasticceria secca. Made from flour, butter, sugar, eggs, these biscuits were once a traditional Easter delight. The dough is rolled out and cut in the traditional shape with a small iron moulds. They are to be enjoyed warm or cold with a glass of dry white wine or raisin wine.
"AGENDA di LIGURIA - 2011"
The Hole surrounded by a sweet: Canestrelletti of Torriglia, a real pleasure for the palate, a 10 cm biscuits made of short pastry with lots of butter, sugar, sprinkled on top and a nice hole in the middle. Delicious for breakfast, they are also perfect for snack with tea or a glass of sweet wine. It's not fattening, just don't eat too many...
"LIGURIA - Scents and Flavours"
Canestrelletti sind die berühmtesten kekse in Ligurien. Sie sind rund und ihre mitte wird oft entfernt. Sie können süß oder gesalzt sein. Ihre Hauptstadt ist Torriglia, ein Dorf in Alta ValTrebbia, Torriglia feiert diese delikatesse auf einem typischen markt. Mehl, butter, ei und zucker spielen in dieser süßigkeit die wichtigste rolle. in der vergangenheit wurden Canestrelletti zu ostern gegessen. Weinempfehlung: Moscati und Passiti
"GENUA - Pforte zum Mittelmeer"
Vous prendrez bien un de ces délicieux biscuits, allons ne vous faites pas prier.. un seul, un tout petit avec un bon café, ça ne se refuse pas! Les Canestrelli sont originaries de Ligurie, plus exactmente de Torriglia où chaque année ils sont à l'honneur pour la "Fête du Canestrelletto". Les italiens ont, semble-t-il, plusieurs versions de cette recette mais de toute façon vous n'y retrouverez pas le Canistrelli que vous pourriez déguster en Corse. Ce deus biscuits n'ont pas qu'une voyelle de différence. Pour faire les Canestrelletti on utilisee du beurre, pour le Canistrelli on emploie l'huile d'olive. Le premiers sentent la vanille aux le rhum, leurs voisins corses sont parfumés avec du vin blan et graines d'anis. Ils diffèrent également par leurs formes, les uns en forme de fleurs les autres plus rustiques. Vous l'avez bien compris, ces biscuits n'ont pas grand chose en commun. Mais ne vous y trompez pas, les deux sont de vraies gourmandises. Si vous résistez à la tentation , vous pourrez conserver quelques jours ces petites merveilles dans un boîte en fer.
"La cuisine de Mamie Caillou ou la cuisine en héritage"

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